Unstoppable Wells

out of your belly will flow rivers of living water

The purpose of this site is to encourage the unstopping of the flow of destiny in the body of Christ Jesus! In particular is a desire to celebrate expressions of the Christian narrative in ways that energize the narrator and audience alike. At the bottom of it all is a view to the importance of getting the body of Christ out of the pews and into the world in a way that excites and encourages.

The world has enough talking heads, and so the emphasis here is on inventive or artistic expressions, rather than the traditional didactic approach, i.e. preaching and teaching. The purpose is counter-cultural in the sense that the purpose is a new culture, a freedom in the Spirit of the Almighty God.

This project is the sponsored by Bill Wells, begun while a youth leader at New Wine Christian Fellowship in Pasadena, Texas. The natural emphasize is for the members and especially the youth of New Wine and surrounding churches.

“Talent is God's gift to you. Using that talent well, is your gift to God.” …Red Skelton.

Both our resident LEGO artist Samuel and myself were represented in a recent Lenten Art Show at the neighboring First United Methodist Church of Pasadena. This year's theme was Beauty for Ashes. Hats off to FUMC and to worship director Nichole Gray.

There were a large number of entries, mostly from the surrounding community. I have to say that the art represented a rather humbling talent pool. I would like to have featured each and every one of them here. The photo to the left shows a small corner of this year's show.

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